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For all enquires please ring or email us using the details below. Alternatively fill in our online form on the Contact Page.

tel: 02920 461234     mob: 07817 023214     email: enquiries@cardiffguitars.co.uk


This info is relevant to the START of business on..........

Thursday 17th April 2014

 Good Friday 18th April 2014 = Closed
Saturday = 10.30 - 3.00
Sunday & Monday = Closed
Tuesday - Friday = 10.30 - 5.00

Plenty of stock from the following brands at great prices.  All prepared in our workshop. All of our guitars come with a 12 month guarantee & 12 month aftercare.     

Faith   One of our favourite brands of acoustic guitars.  Superb quality.  All solid wood.  All play & sound superb.  Everyone who has purchased a Faith is delighted & full of praise.
We are a bit low on stock at the moment & we always have a quantity on order.  We sell them very quickly.

IN STOCK.................
Jupiter Eclipse. Electro.
Jupiter Hi Gloss. Electro. 
Mercury Natural. Non electro.
Mercury Naked. Non Electro.
Venus Hi Gloss. FVHG Electro - cutaway.
Venus Eclipse. Electro HEX.
Venus Natural. Electro - cutaway.
Neptune Naked. Electro - non cutaway.
Saturn Natural. Non Electro. 
Neptune Trembesi EA

ON THE WAY SOON................

Saturn Hi Gloss Mars Mahogany Hi Gloss. Non electro.
Venus Naked. Electro - cutaway.
Venus Trembesi 12 string. Electro cutaway.
Mercury Hi Gloss BNC. Electro with 'Scoop' cutaway.

MANY MORE ON ORDER................Call us 029 20 461234

All Faith guitars apart from the Naked series come with a Faith hard case.  We price up the Naked series with a quality (non Faith) hard case.  We understand the full range.
Many new models in stock including the HiGloss Mahogany series.  All Faith guitars not in stock are available to order.

Crafter   Limited stocks at the moment.  All serviced & set up in out workshop.  Can be further set up to your needs.  Very keen prices & a Crafter gig bag is included along with very special deals on hard cases.

LAG   Plenty of these fine instruments in stock.  Including many new models.  All Lag guitars not in stock are available to order.  Some new all mahogany models have arrived.  Very keen pricing & free cases!  All set up to play like you need them to.
Seagul & Simon & Patrick   Mostly supplied to order but a few choice models stocked.  Seagul And Simon & Patrick are similar products from the Canadian GODIN factory.  Both are supplied with a very high quality gig bag & we always do a very special deal on a hard case to protect them for gigging.  Very good prices & all Seagul/Simon & Patrick guitars are prepared in our workshop. 

Tanglewood   A well respected brand covering instruments suitable for a beginer to a pro player.  Good stocks & a great ordering service for guitars not in stock.  New models in stock now.  All of our Tanglewood guitars are prepared in our workshop & most of them come with a free hard case.  Very keen prices.

Check out the new TWJ-FE  In stock.  A fantastic Orchestra/Folk - electro/acoustic (no cutaway).  Solid Cedar top.  3 piece back - Amara/Spalted Mango (very cool looking).  Gloss finish.  Fishman Sonitone pre amp. 45mm nut.  Open back Vintage machine heads.   RRP = £379 .95  But ours don't cost you that much & they come with a free hard case!    

EKO   LimIted stocks of around 6 at the moment including a 12 string.  Workshop prepared to play & sound great.  Case/gig bag deals & very keen prices. 

Vintage   Fine acoustic guitars.  Stock always changing.  Workshop prepared.  Our's are set to play great.  Most of our Vintage instruments come with a free hard case or gig bag.  Very keen prices.  All vintage acoustic guitars available to order.
In stock now after a long wait.........New model......................................
VTR 800 PB.  Paul Brett designed.  VIATOR.  Travel - parlour.  Very retro & dead cool.  Natural matt finish.  High quality gig bag included.    RRP  £229  Our price £199
Admira   Quality nylon strung classical guitars mostly Spanish made.  Always a few of these in stock including an electro/acoustic cutaway.  All models not in stock are available to order.  Free hard case or gig bag & very keen prices.

Woodstock   Ideal for beginners.
High quality acoustic guitars at a low price.  So much better than similar priced instruments from other manufacturers.  All prepared in our workshop with a low action to make them 'Beginner Friendly'.  Fitted with quality strings.  12 - month guarantee & aftercare included.

Dreadnought without electronics.  Natural gloss finish. Gig bag included.    £89

Dreadnought with electronics & a built in tuner.  Cutaway.  Natural gloss finish. Gig bag included.    £135

Folk size with electronics & a built in tuner.  Cutaway.  Natural gloss finish. Gig bag included.    £135

B&M   Check out their 4 string tenor guitar.  Usually available from stock.  Something a bit different.  Can be used in many different tunings.  Great fun!

Ozark   Some of the best RESONATOR guitars on the market.  Sensibly priced & well respected.  We know how to prepare a resonator!  Always a couple of these  in stock & the whole range is available to order.  Free cases & very keen prices.

Palma & Falcon   Quality nylon strung classical guitars at a sensible price.  Great for kids as they start at 1/2 size (ages 2 - 6).  The 3/4 size (ages 6 - 10) is our best selling guitar & has helped many kids start out on guitar.  Full size also in stock (ages 10 +).  All go through our workshop where they are prepared to play properly.  Proper musical instruments - not the junk offered for sale elswhere at this price.  Left handed conversions available. Free carry bag & aftercare.

Walden   A change in the UK wholesaler means that we will no longer be dealing in these fine guitars.  Remaining stock at very keen prices.  Only a couple left.

Santos Martinez   High quality nylon strung classical guitars.  Always a few in stock.  Free cases & super prices.


This is an invitation to come into the store to try out our stock of acoustic guitars.

We don't sell our acoustic guitars out of the box!
All of our new acoustic guitars are checked, serviced & set up in our own workshop prior to display. Further adjustments can then be made to suit your playing style & needs.

We look after our guitarists
All our new acoustic guitars come with our own 12 month guarantee & 12 months aftercare.  This means that your guitar will play like you want it to with free checkups & even a string changing service for free (you have to pay for the strings) as often as you like.

Part exchange welcome.

Guitar Stand Specials 

XCG High Quality with neck support. Chrome. Ex Display      £12

Quicklock A frame. High quality. New & boxed.                      £12


Guitars purchased.
Quality acoustic & electric guitars always required.  We offer a painless way to sell your unwanted guitar.  Phone the store (02920 461234) & ask for Jay to see if we are interested.  Have a price in mind.  We pay by cheque only & require I.D.

Our acoustic guitar string deal is still on.  5 x sets Picato phosphor/bronze £20!  10's 11's 12's & 13's. You can mix & match.  In store only, not mail order. Many other makes of strings available in store at below mail order prices.



We know that a lot of shops and sites do, but would you not rather play and see it first? If it needs tweaking, new strings or adjustment it can done whilst you wait. Best of all you don’t waste your hard earned money on something which you haven’t seen! We have also found out the hard way that 99% of couriers are reluctant to cover musical instruments under their insurance policies.