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For all enquires please ring or email us using the details below. Alternatively fill in our online form on the Contact Page.

tel: 02920 461234     mob: 07817 023214     email: enquiries@cardiffguitars.co.uk


This info is relevant to the START of business on..........

Friday 29th August 2014

Sunday & Monday = Closed
Tuesday - Friday = 10.30 - 5.00
Saturday = 10.30 - 3.00

All of our new electric guitars & basses are fully prepared & serviced to a high standard in our own 'On Site' workshop.   
We don't sell out of the box!
Guitars & basses can be further 'Fine Set Up' to suit your playing style & desires.
We also offer a free 12 month aftercare service to make sure your guitar or bass plays & sounds like you want it to.

Our electric guitar string deal is still on.  5 x sets Ernie Ball Slinky for £20!  Selected guages & you can mix & match.  In store only, not mail order. Many other makes of strings available in store at below mail order prices.

6 string electrics (& some 12 string)

ESP & LTD (by ESP).
We are dealing in these superb electric guitars.  Drop in or call the store on 029 20 461234 to see what we have in stock today!  New lower prices!  FREE HARD CASE WITH MOST ESP LTD!  Ordering service!  All workshop prepared.

Gordon - Smith.
We are dealing in these fine British made instruments.  'To Order' only at the moment.


Drop in or call the store on 029 20 461234 to see what we have in stock today! Mostly sold to order as there are so many options.  We deal only with the official UK importers & have a great trading relationship with them.  If they have the guitar you fancy in stock then we can get it into the store for you to try out.

 Sterling by Musicman.

Drop in or call the store on 029 20 461234 to see what we have in stock today!  All Sterling by Musicman available to order.  Very keen prices! 


A long ordering time on some of these guitars.  Nothing new in stock today, sorry & this is often the case.  Check out our second hand page for any cool used Ricks available at super prices. We deal with the official UK wholesalers & they may have the Rick you want in stock or on order. 


New Hofner guitars are still in production.  Mostly supplied to order but often a few in stock.  Great prices & a great ordering service.


Always limited stocks but around 6 in stock today.  All workshop prepared & further set up to your desires.  All Hagstrom available to order.  Original Hagstrom cases in stock & most of our Hagstroms are priced with this included.  Very keen prices!


Always limited stocks of mainly semi acoustics.  All workshop prepared & further set up to your desires.  This brand should be better known as the quality & pricing is superb.


Our stock of Italia guitars is constantly changing.  All workshop prepared & further set up to your desires. 


Limited stocks of around 6 guitars.  All workshop prepared & further set up to your desires.  Superb ordering service as they are now shipped from Canada direct to our store. 


EKO don't make many electric guitars but they do produce some real cool retro instruments.  All workshop prepared & further set up to your desires.  


Always plenty of stock & a very good ordering service for models not in stock.  All of our Vintage guitars are prepared in our workshop & further set up to your desires.  Very keen prices & some fantastic deals on cases (mostly FREE) to protect. 





We don't have huge stocks of basses - but the ones we do have are properly prepared & set up in our workshop.  All of the bass guitars we sell are very keenly priced!  

ESP & LTD (by ESP)  -  Gordon - Smith.

Ernie Ball 'MUSICMAN' USA.

Sterling by Musicman & SUB series.

Rickenbacker  -  Hofner  -  Hagstrom. 

Italia.  -  Godin.  -  EKO.

Vintage.  -  Overwater by Tanglewood.  


Part exchange welcome.

Guitars purchased.
Quality acoustic & electric guitars always required.  We offer a painless way to sell your unwanted guitar.  Phone the store (02920 461234) & ask for Jay to see if we are interested.  Have a price in mind.  We pay by cheque only & require I.D.

Guitar Stand Specials 

XCG High Quality with neck support. Chrome. Ex Display      £12
Quicklock A frame. High quality. New & boxed.                      £12

We have loads more stock than that listed here! 

Phone the store on 029 20 461234 for more info.

Check out our Second Hand Page for details of more electric guitars & basses.



We know that a lot of shops and sites do, but would you not rather play and see it first? If it needs tweaking, new strings or adjustment it can done whilst you wait. Best of all you don’t waste your hard earned money on something which you haven’t seen! We have also found out the hard way that 99% of couriers are reluctant to cover musical instruments under their insurance policies.