One of the ways we have chosen to give back to our community is by being sponsors and participants in community events. We have particularly taken a special interest in outside playing, guitar playing, picnics, and guitar festivals to foster community spirit.

During these events, our students play a vital role in the overall success of the program. We engage in competitions and set up a stage where different genres of music are presented using various guitar styles instrument. The ambiance in these festivals is often one that leaves an impression for a lifetime.

The laughter, togetherness, and wholeness you sense in the community during these events are often contagious. The relaxed atmosphere sees children playing and parents coming together to bond while relaxing to soft tunes from blues, rock and roll, and country music vibrating from our students’ guitar.

The guitar festivals often see us extending invitations to other schools, and so we have an event spiced up by loads of performers using the guitar to do magic. Our students also get to bond and network with other guitarists; thereby generally expanding their sphere of influence. The feedbacks after these events are always mind-blowing.

Sometimes these events are used to raise funds for a particular project in the community. Usually, after our performances tagged around the theme of the program, attendees are inspired to keep funds rolling in; making it super easy to meet a just cause. This is one way we have chosen to make our world better.

We consistently seek to raise the bar in all we do, and that’s why we make organizing or accepting invitations to be part of these events a part of what we do. And we educate the students on the need always to give back to the community they belong to.

In the end, our school isn’t just about teaching students about the art of playing guitar. For us, it goes way beyond that. We thrive on raising a people that know why they do what they do; a people that would be a blessing by what they do; a people that are going to influence the world through their unique approach to playing guitar. And that’s a vision we are so passionate about achieving.

You could plan to attend any of the community events; it’s open to everyone. Our events are not like any you have attended; we can assure you of that. But don’t take our word for it-- attend and prove us wrong!