We offer a variety of courses aimed at bringing out the best in our students. Every single minute spent at the academy to us must count, and that’s one reason our curriculums are truly vested with rich courses that give our students the advantage any day, anywhere and every time.

Our curriculum embraces courses in Acoustic Guitar, Electric & Rock Guitar, Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar, Blues Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Country Guitar & Chicken Picken, and R & B Funk Guitar. In essence, we try to expose you to using the guitar to play all the music genres available.

Imagine being knowledgeable in all kinds of acoustic, electric guitar, etc.? Well, that’s our goal for all our students. We take them through all these courses and make sure they are grounded in them. While some schools may not delve into the nitty-gritty of what a particular guitar is about, we pride ourselves to go beyond where they stop.

With us, there are no reservations when it comes to the extent we plan to go in imparting the knowledge we have acquired.  Our teachers are people who see what they do as an assignment to change lives, so they go about teaching what they know without a bit of restraint.

You are going to be learning all that they know, as they all are people basked with international exposure and experience—we made sure of that!

Our Acoustic courses are usually insightful, in-depth, hands-on training after the academic classes. Often, our style of teaching promises to see you playing the acoustic guitar even before you understand all the technical jargons.

The Electric and rock guitar is the very essence of rock and roll. Hence we often pride our unique style in the delivery of what power chords, pedal effects, distortion, power riffs and many more are. The music jargons and techniques will be explained to you as cheaply as A-B-C.

When it comes to Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar lectures, you can’t find a better school anywhere else. From the fun, upbeat Merle Travis technique to the classical guitar soft tones, we are experts at unraveling the hidden mysteries of Fingerstyle and smart plays.

Oh yea, for the love of Blues. If you are one that’s crazy about the scintillating sound of Blues music, then relax because, in no time, your hands will be dangling through the strings of your guitar. We will tutor you on the Blues notes, the blues chord progression, and how it works; plus how to ultimately create your solo-- Simply amazing.

Lovers of Jazz and R & B can as we got you covered. Being able to form your guitar style is still part of why we exist. So with us, you wouldn’t just be a master of all the guitar techniques, we would also lecture you on how to boss your style in no time.

We dare to say that with the quality and depth of our courses, you can never go wrong.